Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Bunny Joyous Day!

So the other day one of my good friends told me that reading my blog makers her depressed. She says my blog entries are suicidal, too dark and make her feel sad. So here is a blog post for you Jenny Lee. Yesterday I woke up and the first thing I noticed was the smell of springtime flowers floating through my open curtains. Sure it's the middle of winter but for some reason I felt like prancing around my room stark naked. So I put on some vivaldi and shed my sleeping cap and gown and oh it was a glorious time! Prancing and skipping and jumping about my chamber to Vivaldi's spring. The cool air against my flesh and a bounce to my step. Suddenly in the middle of a prance a fluffy pink bunny rabbit bounced through my door and twitched its tiny little nose. I bent down to the cute creature and said:
"Why hello mr rabbit, I am famished would you like to accompany me to lunch?"
To which the rabbit replied with a twitch of its nose and a bob of its tail:
"Alas I have just eaten and my stomach is full of carrots and onions! But good sir I have a pleasant idea."
"What is that Mr Rabbit?"
"Since you are in search of a lunch partner and I have already just stuffed myself with delicious garnishes, why don't you just eat me?"
And with a tiny twitch of its nose, the rabbit quickly snapped its neck and presented a delicious feast for my enjoyment.
After lunch I bounded down the stairs and out of my apartment. The homeless man outside wished me a joyous day and I wished him the same with a shine in my teeth and a glitter in my eye. I gleefully skipped down the avenue around losing lottery tickets and broken glass (surely from last night's bachhanalian festivities) I stopped at a chunky puddle of vomit which winked at me and I winked back knowingly. Oh what a glorious day! At the office I wanted to wish everyone a joyous Saturday but then I realized oh silly me it's Saturday and there is nobody even present! So instead I lept from cubicle to cubicle wishing every stapler and keyboard a splendid hello until I reached the cubicle of Peter the office intern who in fact was present even on such a glorious Saturday afternoon.
"Why hello Peter my friend, isn't it a beautiful Saturday afternoon?"
"Why are you naked?"
"Why Peter, I need not clothes to be mineself!"
But Peter did not share in my joy. He was grouchy and grumbly and mumbly. The kind who writes depressing entries in his electronic journal. Oh poor Peter. He shall never be happy, he shall never share in my joy and bliss and sunshine rays!
I left the office and gleefully skipped home wishing the homeless man outside a Joyous evening.
Oh what a day wht a day what a glorious day!

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Anonymous said...

oh gabe, you sarcastic little bitch. you sound like alice in the wonderland on crack on heroin. you continue to have a fantastic psychidellic suicidal day at new york.