Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Running on Hy!

In college I once drank about 200 cans of redbull in a semester. I worked out some sort of deal with a girl down the hall where I gave her 50 bucks and she gave me 300 dollars worth of her parents money (dining card money that is) The hitch was that this was at the end of the semester and the 300 dollars had to be spent by the end of the day or else it all faded away. So I took the 300 dining dollars or trojan money or whatever USC called it and purchased so much red bull that we had to rent a cart from the student services to cart it back to Caroline's dorm room. For the next three months, my hands had a noticeble shake to them but I was sharper than speed racer in the mach 5. You know what I mean. So since then I have sampled many an energy elixir. And although I have cut down significantly since my undergrad days, I'll still pick up a new oddly shaped energy can just to see the jolt factor. So that being said the other day i tried Hydrive. Hydrive sounds like the name of a new harddrive but in actuality it is a kick in the face water that claims to be "dragonfruit" flavor. Ha! It tastes like medicine but slightly more acidic. However about 10 minutes later I was spun out on caffeine which I later found Hydrive has 30% more of than most energy beverages. So I decided I might as well do something with all this energy. I started by running from the East Village to central park. Sure it was 34 degrees outside but the heat in my muscles warmed me up and luckily I was topped off with Hydrive! But by the time I got to central park I was still not tired so I decided to keep running. By the time I reached 165th street I began to break a sweat but still no signs of fatigue. Oh Hydrive you are the best! I decided to keep on trucking and somehow about 9 hours later I found myself in rhode island. My toes were bleeding but I felt great. It's been 4 nights since that run and I still haven't slept a wink. So I guess the moral of this story is Hydrive wow. My skin may be a pale green, my eyes are bulged and burning red, I basically look like a christmastree with enormous calves but I am still extremely alert and ready to take on the day!

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