Saturday, December 16, 2006


So last night I performed with my memoryphone, the instrument I have been building for the past semester. (expect a video soon) Everything went really well and the crowd seemed very amused by my hijinks. My New Interfaces for Musical Expression class performed our homemade instruments at the club Tonic in the lower east side and I would dare say we sold out the venue. The place was packed and everyone did an amazing job. Performances included the darkest arts, resurrection, bird heads, and a weird torturous drinking competition. It seems like quite the dark night now that I think about it retrospectively. (is that a word? no.) But all in all a great time. Then after the show we packed up all the equip and I had to flag down an angry cab driver who became only more irritated by the sheer ammount of electronic stuff we were loading into his cab. After dropping it all off at school we went to Josh and Rocios where we watched circus soleil videos, played with hamsters and got thai massages. no seriously.

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