Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Good Morning Lethargy

It's all coming together working clicking on fire bursting from every splintered bone in my body. I get no sleep or maybe I get too much sleep waking up at 1250 after going to bed at 630 and realizing that my alarm was set for 10 and I have class at 1230 and yet it's strangely warmer in my room this morning and I feel like I have enjoyed a good night's sleep. Maybe it's the new space heater I purchased from Kmart yesterday eventhough they had 6000 of them I liked the fact that it looked like a fan because this made me think about nice cooling air rather than dry dusty head which is the thing I hate the most you know waking up with a nostril full of dust, a snare across your chaped lips you know? I've been thinking alot about space travel lately and how yesterday Laurie Anderson said that we are eventually going to green mars and move all of the earth's industry and coal and crap to other planets so that we can have a virtual garden of eden for a planet. But wouldn't that just make all the other shitty industry planets just like what we have now on earth? It's sort of the landfill theory. Like hey we are making a mess in our house so let's dump it in the trash dump it in the landfill dump it dump it dump it. And then we end up with too much trash and burn it out by the ocean and make holes in the ozone layer. But then again saturn has a whole other layer to punch holes in and all those rings which we never liked anyway because they are so much nicer than our lack of rings. I wish we had some rings. That would make us a much better planet. And maybe another moon or two. Bigger really is better. Bigger and deep fried and crunchy with a small order of sex on the side. And beer and cars and plastics and no I dont want paper I want plastic so that when I drive a tank through all the elk in the forest so that I can have an entire bedroom made of antlers I can comfortably strangle myself with the comfort of a smooth plastic bag when I'm ready to go.

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