Saturday, November 04, 2006

When planets crash into the sun

Tonight I got home after soldering for 8 hours and thought I was going to go directly to sleep. Actually I really didn't want to go to sleep at all. I wanted a break. Some fun. But as I got home and set my bag down and sat on my bed I felt increadibly tired. It was 1230, I was ready for bed. So what did I do?

I went out. And it was very pleasant. The air has turned crisp and breezy and the leaves crunch and twist under my shoes on the pavement. The air is buzzing with people on friday night in New York City and everything feels alive and undulating. A mass hysteria or is it belligerance? Either way it's still interesting to see. Sleep is overrated.

It's now 5:33 am. Tonight I saw MIT students dancing to hip hop, a man smash a beer bottle over someones head at a bar, an awkward but pleasant encounter with a friend from last summer, and the Turkish theory of phenomenon. Yes this makes no sense whatsoever, but I've come to the conclusion that life itself makes absolutely no sense whatsoever most of the time. And that's fine. Let's stop trying to find meaning in everything and just enjoy things for a while. Sounds a bit libertine doesn't it? But coincidence and chance and spontenaiety are often what drive the most important turning points in our lives. You could spend your entire life trying to achieve your life's purpose or goal. You could spend everyday in the lab, in the office, on the set, studying the stock market, reading medical journals...and then one day you look right instead of left and wham! you are hit by a greyhound and all your hard work and dedication is tossed in the air and flattened on the road.

I'm not saying you shouldn't try, I'm just saying next time it's 1230 and you are ready to go to sleep, make sure you really want to be sleeping. Do what you want, don't do what you should. And that's my inspirational rant of the night. Goodnight vampires and good morning early birds.

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