Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Open up your heart

Last night, my buddy Devin and I went to see the rapture at the Henry Fonda theater in Hollywood. We arrived early so as to secure a good standing place before the show. At this point I notice that everyone around us is like 18 and is either a crazy little girl with a black headband or a beefy looking dude. I guess in New York, the crowd at concerts tends to be a little older. So we watch the first band "The Presets" which pretty much suck. All their music is sequenced and they sound like Joy Division after a ketamine binge. At this point I am wondering about the current state of so called "indie" music. At a show sponsored by KROQ and filled with 16 year olds out on thanksgiving break who were probably listening to Fall Out Boy on the car ride over, I am pondering the current state of so called "indie" rock. That is until the rapture come on. The rapture are a rare sort of band that manages to sound amazing live and maintain a fun nonpretentious stage presence. They seem like the kind of guys you would actually want to hang out with. And they can all play their instruments. NO SEQUENCING!

So about halfway through the rapture show I notice that dev's disappeared. It was right after some beefy dudes warned me that "bro there's gonna be moshing here so watch out" And moshing there was. Again moshing at the indie rock show? Maybe at the slayer show but seriously kids, moshing to the rapture? Anyways so Devin has disappeared but wait no there he is off to the side of the stage talking to this cute girl. Wow good job Devin. Somehow amidst the sea of psycho KROQ'ers Devin manages to chat up a girl. So the concert comes to a close and I find Devin who is bidding the girl adieu. But he doesn't look all that excited or happy. This is not the face of someone who has a new number burning in his pocket. I can see this. And so I ask the obvious "Hey man so did you get her number?" Devin looked shell shocked. LIke he had just seen an indie ghost! Or actually he had seen an indie baby. Because this girl was 17....and therefore 7 years younger than Devin. And jailbait! Yikes! Apparently the conversation went something like this: Both were making comments about the crowd and how strange it was. Devin said he felt like an old man. The girl said "you're not that old!" and then it came out that she was 17 and he was 24 to which she replied "all my friends are like a couple years older than you." I want to know who the 34 year old guys are that hang out with 17 year olds. That's pretty gross. So would it have been wrong for Devin to get that girls number? What do you think? I mean he is only 24 and she is 17. In maybe less than a year it would be legal. But also it's legal right now as long he doesn't "get himself into it" (rapture quote) wink.
anyways since this post is alot about devin here is a movie that we made together once upon a time in a land far far away.

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