Thursday, November 02, 2006

Back Again (with a mouse in the house)

Ok so I have officially decided to start this engine up again. It's good to have a blog I think? Maybe it is. Maybe not. Ok I'm done good bye.

No ok I'm back now and here's been what's up. I have been working on several projects. Most of them video installation type things with screens and projectors and little people in bottles. It should be crazy. I'm also working on something called the memoryphone which is a musical instrument/ video player. hot Hot hot.

In personal news. I believe there is a mouse in my apartment. I was washing a cup the other day and out of the corner of my eye i noticed something flash by on the floor. It was like a scene out of a really small horror movie. I was thinking about it. Mice are pretty cute but when they are in your house they suddenly aren't cute anymore. If you put the mouse in a tank it would be cute. But if it's free than it's vermin. This applies to some humans as well.
Halloween was pretty great. Me and ranny went costume shopping and purchased some good suits. Then for actualy Halloween I ended up working till 1am and then went to the Motherfucker party at the Roxy down by the water on the westside. That place is totally insane. There were people naked and covered in blood. good old pagan fun you know? At some point they turned off the lights and put on Carrie and played the shower scene. However when the clip ended and the lights came back on, I noticed that directly to my left there were two gentlemen engaging in some halloween fellatio. Yes right there on the dancefloor. Only feet from where I was standing. Who does that? Especially during carrie?!

On another note I finally removed my air conditioner from my window and now I think it I may have been a mistake. Yes it's still warm in New York. It's going to be a hot nuclear winter boys and girls. But it's fun to be back in the blog.

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