Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Underwater (I Found Your Face)

So I am going to begin a new project featuring people dunking their heads into water. The faces will appear almost as if they are drowning in watery graves. As you approach these tubes mounted on a dark wall, the faces will poke through the water and stare at you holding their breath while holding their eyes wide open. Almost like a watery staring/breath holding contest. I want it to look really blue and black. I've been really into the blue/black look lately. Or maybe they will look like portholes as if you are on a giant ship and there are these weird ghostly faces peeking in from the ocean looking at you. I like the idea of the viewer being watched by the art. Sort of like a watery silent film star screaming for your attention.
These are some sample photos I found online by a photographer named SnoopRat. I tinted them in photoshop to show what kind of effect I hope to achieve.

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