Friday, April 21, 2006

We're All Gonna Die From Ink Poisoning

It's inevitable. We're all going to die from inki poisoning...or at least anyone who's been hanging out with me recently. You're doomed. The skulls and dragons and spiral hexadodecahedron patterns scrawled into your arm with a Sharpie, they're going to be the death of you. Everynight we go out to bars or restaurants or movies or shows and draw into eachothers flesh. Who needs tattoos? Every night I've got a different eyeball, face, korean lettering, lightning bolt...the possibilities are endless. Marker felt is the new ink.


Jon said...

I was looking into this topic, and I found this Ink poisoning

Anonymous said...

That's actually not true because everything now adays is non-toxic, because of little kids and animals, so maybe you should get your facts straight.