Monday, April 10, 2006


I spent yesterday in complete zombie mode. With little to no sleep from the past 4 nights, I worked on a video project all day and by the end, was ready to crawl into a small hole and die. However I did not crawl into a small hole and die but rather walked out of my bathroom at midnight and slammed my face right into a wall (accidentally) I swear that wall wasn't so close to the bathroom. Maybe the walls in my apartment have some sort of nighttime alternate life that I don't know about. Like as soon as I turn off the lights they go to the awesome Wall club where they all engage in debaucherous activities with other walls. Dancing to Gloria Gaynor and soaking their plaster in cheap wall booze. However, last night I caught them surprised and they couldn't return to their natural positions and thus I faceplanted directly into the corner of one of the mischievous creatures. Well now my right eyebrow feels dented in and the right side of my face feels slightly numb. Walls....can't live with 'em...can't live without them... fuckers.

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