Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's alarming!

Something just occurred to me as I haphazardly made my way down Broadway wearing a blazer, long pants and canvas shoes. It gets hot in New York City. You see, I'm fairly new to the idea of seasons. In California we have seasons, well we have two: Summer and Winter. In Summer it can get to be 90 degrees in los angeles and everyone takes off all their clothes and hits the beach. In winter it gets to be about 60 degrees and everyone wears scarfs and hats and has fires in their living room. But New York is a totally different story. My mind doesn't quite comprehend these "seasons" yet and my body is struggling to adjust to the temperature as well. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, sweating and confused so I opened my window next to my bed and fell back asleep. Then at around 5am I hear a strange noise that sounds like someone is trying to get through my window and I sit up and slam it closed. In other news when I arrived home last night, the emergency exit door of my building that leads to the roof was open and a horrible ear bleeding alarm was going off. Seriously it sounded like someone being poked in the ear drum with a metal toothpick. So me and my roommate decide that we are going to take it upon ourselves as good tenants of this fine establishment and disable the alarm. I put on my ear buds and cover them with my huge headphones and make my way towards the electronic shrieking banshee of death like some sort of bomb dismantler. Then I remember, oh right I have no idea what I'm doing. My roommate on the other hand, comes out with a sledgehammer and hits the alarm box about 40 times. He continues to pound at it and I am reminded of Dave dismantling HAL at the end of 2001. Finally it falls off the door dead. The alarm stops, but the ringing continues in our ears for about 10 minutes. Flash forward to that night when I hear someone trying to break into my window. There is now no alarm box on the roof because we dismantled the alarm earlier that day. It's alarming!


SuperVag01 said...

You must have forgotten to paint your door with lamb's blood.

Anonymous said...

you're a pretentious writer. much like myself, and on the rare ocassion nietzsche. funnily enough i have yet to understand you, myself, or him.