Monday, April 03, 2006

A break from the drama

So here is a break from the dramatic novella I started writing in my last post. I will get back to it, I just realised that it was preventing me from writing in the blog at all and I can't have that now can I? So now I've decided to use this arena to vent all of my frustrations and joys in this tiny plastic wrapped suction cupped world.

Yesterday I was walking down the street outside of my house and a couple of pimple faced undergrads toting a cheap hi-8 camera and some condenser mics approached and wanted to ask me some questions. So I figured either these two were members of the secret nerd police or they were film students (which pretty much is the secret nerd police for those who didn't go to film school) I obliged to answer all their questions because I am pretty much a ham when it comes to hot on the street interviews. And the paler of the two held an ice cream cone shaped wind socked mic up to my mouth and asked:
"Do you use Myspace?"
What is it lately with Myspace? Seriously should I be worried? When I joined myspace a couple of years ago I thought it was sort of interesting, I mean in that internet phenomenon pop culture trashy playground sort of way. It was Friendster's sluttier younger cousin. You know, the one that always wanders around in a tank top and cut off hot pant jeans and loves the movie "The Wedding Planner" But lately all I hear about is Myspace Myspace Myspace. It's like somehow the younger sluttier cousin ran for president and won and now completely controls the universe. For god's sakes, it's the second most viewed page on the internet after google. At least google gives you some sort of information. Myspace just gives you some sort of personal weird vallidation. Some channel to be whoever you want. (Which usually turns out to be a brooding emo hipster) But maybe this is a good thing. Maybe this is just what our society needs. Maybe we'll all become so completely blissed out in our world of pre-teen softcore porn shots that we will forget about all the war and hatred in the world. Maybe myspace is the answer to all our problems, to all the unjustices in the world....maybe Myspace is the new Holy Grail. Gosh I hope so...
I told this to the pimple faced boy with the condensor mic. He looked shocked for a moment, but then he realised that the mic wasn't actually plugged into the camera at all and tyrade was lost forever. And...I do love myspace.

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