Monday, October 17, 2005


tonight as I strolled down avenue A with my dearest kt friend I passed by a ukrainian restaurant known as the Odessa Bar. In the window stood a girl dressed in a grey hoodie with full red lips and gigantic eyes. She laughed and as I passed by the window, my stomach sank upwards into my throat...yes the girl in the window was in fact Scarlett Johansson. I swore once that if I ever saw Scarlett Johansson in public I would immediately procure some kind of immense charm and ask her out on a date. And there she stood in the window waiting for me to bust through the glass and pull back her hoodie in a romantic gesture of indie film power...but she was much shorter than I imagined...and rather regular looking in real life...very peculiar. This is not to say that I wasn't ecstatic, this is not to say that given the chance, I wouldn't have cut off my right pinky toe for the chance to bask in her lost in translation glow. But in the end I just walked by and she got into a cab and left...just another day in the east village.

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