Monday, October 31, 2005

Sallys Fake Orgasm (On Rye)

it's noisy at noisefests where I screened this video I made muy muy recently. I will put it up online and you can gawk. Things here have been cold. I had midterms and 1.00000000,000000,,0,.0p0,0,0k,-0bajpjb things to do. but now that they are over I will resume my life of lacksadaisy leisure. I finally went to the Katzs deli *the deli where sally had her fake orgasm. Actually that would be a much better name for the deli. Saly's a faker. Or maybe just Sallys fake orgasm... On rye. I had a reuben sandwhich which was very tasty and not all greasylike. Apparently however they have a very intricate ticket system at Katzs where everyone who enters the deli zone must take a ticket and present the ticket upon leaving or else be fined 50 dollars. Apparently also if you don't have 50 dollars they just take a slice of your back and add it into the succulent and delicious! Tonight is all hallows eve. Last night I went to this party at this club called 13 which was filled with hipsters dressed in hipster halloween costumes. What do I mean by hipster halloween costumes? Well while hipsters usually dress in a conventional 70's style, on halloween they dress like 70's rock stars. Thus keeping their cool appearances but also seeming quirky and filled with the spirit of the holliday. Silly silly. (but still fun to watch)

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Brett said...

omg gbc! now weeze can bees blog-buddies!