Friday, October 07, 2005

Diary of a burnout Dj LCD screen cracker

So last night I Dj'ed the weekly ITP TNO (thursday night out) event at this bar called Solas in the East Village which went pretty well I think. Being trapped in a small box filled with cables, mics, dj mixers, cd mixers, cigarette butts and laptops made me feel like I was in some weird Philip K Dick Metropolis dystopic view of the future.
Flash forward a few (4) hours.
I am left hungover with a burn on my chin and a cracked LCD screen on my mom's camera which is now filled with tons of pictures of drunken nerds. The screen makes this weird ass pattern of these crazy black LCD bloody trees when you press it. I'd take a picture but know. Apparently also break dancing on carpet is a poor idea and leaves scars the morning after. I'm learning so much!
then we all went out and ate chicken salad sandwiches...the perfect end to the perfect night.

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