Saturday, January 21, 2006

Animated Advertisement

Last night I was feeling lethargic and so I decided to do something new...I was browsing through the Village Voice when I realised I have never actually been to a play in New York City. SO, I flipped to the theater section and saw that there was a production of TAPE going on in midtown which I could easily attend for 17 bucks. So I hoofed it up 29 blocks over to W36th and 8th avenue to the Underground Artists Theater Company playhouse for a short theatrical endeavor. The theater was small and only fit about 40 people although only 15 were in attendance. I was fairly familiar with the play as I once had to recreate a scene for a film class in college, and while the performance was slightly over-acted, it was still exciting to see live acting again. I think that maybe we are too used to having a certain distance between ourselves and acting (usually in the form of a screen) and seeing actors up close and personal really is much more exciting.
On my way back home after the play I decided to walk back whichever way the street lights took me. What I mean by this is that whichever street light was green is the one I would walk down. So I took a nice 45 minute walk home and saw many things I would've never noticed otherwise. As I was walking I suddenly looked to my right and found myself staring at an animation moving right next to me on the street! It's hard to explain, but a light box with small slits was hanging on the scafolding nex to me. So as I walked by the slits, the pictures on the inside turned into an animation of a new car commercial. I have posted the experience below so check it never know what you might see in New York City.
Street Animation

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